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Moreover, the lack of sense of procedure produces inadequate means against tyranny, that the Chinese people can either admonish the ruler when he or she is still tolerable, or rebel when he or she is unbearable. Neither means serves institutionally. It has been a foreign idea which is not grounded in political reality even today in mainland China. Hence, it cannot fill the mechanism devoid of some moderate approach next to the final resort of rebellion as suggested by Confucianism in the extreme case of tyranny.

However, it is obvious that the contemporary Western democracy rests on the pursuit of procedural democracy and we particularly appreciate this character. He responded: I am sure that you agree you are not an elite in front of me. Suppose that your argument is correct, what gives you the position to challenge an elite like me? Why cannot you just comply in accordance with your own argument?

Confucian of China (Zhong Guo de Ru Jia) : The Annotation of Classic of Poetry

Or, you just prove your argument wrong? See also n 10 57 holding that the concept originated in multiple resources other than the Book of Poetry. Hambledon Continuum , London , 1 — Email your librarian or administrator to recommend adding this journal to your organisation's collection. This data will be updated every 24 hours. Login Alert.

Log in. Aa Aa. Chard, Robert L. Shi, Jinyu. Jesse Field. Chinese Arts and Letters 1, 2 : Xiao, Hua and Wang Zheng. Asker, D. Hui, Isaac. Even though her language and sentences are at times short and dense, and the rhythm is fast, Wong demonstrates how one can reveal more by seemingly saying less. Attempts to reduce her text to a single interpretation have only resulted in failure. If it is hard for the repressed to speak without oppression, Wong illustrates how one can circumvent the constraints through the tactic of evasion, and demonstrates how the repressed can explode from gaps and silence.

Lee, Tong Kong. Specifically, it looks at three short stories by Chinese woman writers, focusing its discussion on their relation to psychoanalytic models, the significance of trauma and causality and the arising discourses on incestuous desire. It asks the following questions: To what extent do incest narratives challenge or reinforce extant norms on sexual relations? What are the ethical implications of these stories for de situating incest within the popular erotic imagination?

Daoism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

The analysis indicates that in articulating the occurrence of incest, different narrative trajectories project divergent discourses on consanguineous sex. The various guises in which the Oedipal narrative is replayed also reveal the tensions and anxieties involved in representing the culturally tabooed. Szeto, Mirana May. Sinophone Studies: A Critical Reader. Wong, Alvin Ka Hin. NY: Routledge, , Fan, Ming-ju. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, , Goldblatt, Howard. Faurot, ed. Bloomington: IUP, , Grueber, Isa.

Bochum: Brockmeyer, Judy, Ron S. Or someone is too polite to be honest. Kubin, Wolfgang. Lai, Stanley. Li, Guoqing. Sylvia Li-chun Lin. Taiwan Fiction English Translation Series 5 : Lupke, Christopher. Tam, King-fai. Leung, Ping-kwan. Special Issue ed. Rey Chow.

e-book Confucian of China (The Annotation of Classic of Poetry) (Zhong Guo De Ru Jia Book 2)

Wong, Lorraine. Wong, Wai-leung. Armonk: M. Sharpe, Groppe, Alison. Wong, Nicholas Y. Kloter, Henning. Emerson, Andrew G. Andrew G. Lewiston, NY: Mellen Press, Garside, Roger.

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NY: McGraw Hill, , Hutton, Susan. Louie, Kam. Chen, Jianhua. Denton, China section, ed. NY: Columbia UP, , Rpt in Kirk A. Denton, ed. Cheng, Yu-yu. Jack W.

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Chen and Yunshuang Zhang. Renditions 79 Spring : Kamachi, Noriko. Lynn, John Richard. His experiences provide a window of information and insight into the cultural atmosphere of early Meiji Japan and the attitude of progressive and Chinese intellectuals then resident there. With the skills of a literatus, Huang had access to the modes of discourse and thought of his hosts, so formed discriminating views of almost all aspects of Japanese life in an era of change. The poems were intended to have more than literary impact—to enlighten those in power in China by casting Japan in a positive light and promote Japan as a model for reform and modernization.

Huang linked Japanese tradition with the Chinese, which he did in poems emphasizing their common high culture. Many subjects were unknown to earlier tradition but now topical and urgent as China began to shed old ways and embrace the new. Ng, Wai-ming. Schmidt, J. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, NY: Oxford UP, , Fei, Faye Chunfang. Hsia, Arian. Tung and C. MacKerras, eds. Albany: SUNY, , Quah, Sy Ren.

Ouyang, Wen-chin. Gaffric, Gwennael.

New York: Routledge, , Martin, Fran. Taipei: Shibao, Lin, Julia C.

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