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The mode dial is stacked above a big, easily operated context-sensitive control dial; in front is a function button that calls up user-programmable quick-access settings. There's also a nice pop-up flash that can be tilted back for bouncing the light, along with Sony's new Multi Interface Shoe. The manual cautions that you have to remove the large viewfinder eyecup when you use the shoe, though it's perfectly comfortable to shoot without it. On the back is the standard control wheel with programmable buttons that default to ISO sensitivity, drive mode, exposure compensation and display settings, plus reprogrammable autoexposure lock, menu and Wi-Fi connect buttons.

I did find a few of the buttons a little too flush with the body and harder to press than I like, especially the movie record button. One other dissonant design note: the battery charges via USB, which I have mixed feelings about. On the surface, it seems very convenient. But you still have to carry a charger-sized adapter though it uses a Micro-USB cable, it doesn't work with standard phone chargers and it means you can't use the camera while charging a spare.

The power zoom kit lens is similarly well-designed, with a big zoom switch that's easy to feel and operate in both portrait and landscape orientations. Plus, there's a ring for manual focus or zoom operation, though it's a little too twitchy for zooming. While the camera is physically impressive, as with the NEX-5R from which much of the subsequent discussion is lifted the less time you have to spend in the NEX menus the better.

On the surface, they seem so straightforward.

But in order to make the top-level icons accessible and friendly, everything's jammed unevenly into the level below. The image size menu has 7 options under it, the camera menu has 16, and the setup menu has Plus, with all the usual combinations of limitations -- things that are unavailable when raw's enabled, in some AF modes, and so on -- it's impossible to figure out why something's grayed out. What did I change that suddenly made it impossible to show the AF points? This model also incorporates Wi-Fi along with connective Android and iOS apps: Direct Upload for connecting to hot spots and mobile devices and Smart Remote Control for using your mobile device as a secondary screen.

Connecting directly to the camera is straighforward -- it acts as an access point, generating a unique ID and password. But I had problems consistently connecting to a hot spot, a problem I didn't have with the 5R.

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The connectivity comes in conjunction with support for proprietary in-camera apps. Echoing my complaints about this system from the 5R review: neither of the basic wireless apps come on the camera, and in order to download them you have to create a useless-to-all-but-PlayStation-owners SEN account for its redundant and unoriginal PlayMemories service.

The direct upload options are pretty lame: Facebook or PlayMemories. Even Canon's mediocre Canon Image Gateway allows you to set up pipes to other services, if you're willing to grant it a piece of your privacy pie. PlayMemories doesn't act as a sharing hub, just a syncing hub among all your Sony devices. So, as with Canon's options, the best solution is to copy the photos you want to share to your phone or tablet and upload them that way. And despite what looks like a built-in browser, there's no way to connect to access points that require passing through terms-of-service screens.

In addition to the connectivity apps Sony currently offers two apps and some multilingual keyboards for free. So in addition to mostly duplicating an in-camera feature, and operating more slowly through the apps interface, Sony removed the filters that it had included on the Alpha NEX-F3. If you're still interested, it also offers a free Photo Retouch app.

The last of these sounds useful, if expensive. Dimensions approx.

Sony LA-EA4 Adapter Review -

The Adapter is much bigger than adapters for manual lenses because it has to include an AF module, an AF motor and a second motor to control the aperture. This makes it possible to have liveview and fast phase detection AF at the same time. For those lenses check out my manual Minolta lenses post. The LA-EA4 has a motor to control the mechanical aperture mechanism of A-Mount lenses, so all camera modes will work without limitation.

Camera tech data for Sony NEX-6

Lenses will be stopped down to the selected aperture value in the moment the shutter is pressed. I have a feeling that this increases the shutter delay a little bit but I have no means to measure it. The Adapter has 15 AF sensors of which 3 are cross type. This is an image of the camera screen showing the sensor coverage with the Sony Alpha 7 and the type of sensor. No complaints here. I also used an years-old Minolta AF 3. Initially I was worried that the big ZA 1. With heavier lenses I support the lens or the adapter with my left hand, because the adapter has a rather big base it gives a good contact area.

Sony A-Mount lenses feature no image stabilizer because Sony uses a camera based stabilization some Sigma lenses do feature an image stabilized, but compatibility is an issue with older Sigma lenses and I never used such a lens. So while all lenses are stabilized when used with an A-Mount camera, they are not on the A7. Everything else works the same as with the LA-EA4. AF is much slower but there is no light loss and it supports IS, so this is they way to go if an image stabilizer is important.

I would recommend this adapter to anyone who owns A-mount lenses, an E-mount camera and needs AF.

video title

Sony F Carl Zeiss Sonnar 1. Minolta MC Rokkor 1. But actually, it works rather well, plus the added bonus of an additional tripod mount ahead of the camera. Does anyone know if the lens such as a Tamron mm VC with Vibration Control or Image Stabilization built into any of the A mount lenses will work with this adapter? I know exactly what you mean and because that have a Sigma mm Marco and a Sigma mm. Both have the stabilization and it works perfectly with the LA-EA4. Phillip, I have been following your work for several months now beginning before the release of the A7r.

Very impressive equipment but an even more impressive eye!! In one of your FM posts you mentioned that your post processing downsampling method has changed and your new method with Lightroom was simpler and very effective. As a new A7r user I am interested in simple and effective with these impressively large files.

Any info would be gratefully appreciated. Very best regards, Roger. Hey Roger, I will write about it in detail in a future post, but I can give you an outline now: Someone from a German forum wrote a scrip which makes it super easy to resize images with step-sharpening. I am sure that in the future he will release his little program in English as well, but it might take some more time. The work around to get wider than 3.

Have tried it once, and very useful. Make sure to remove the tab immediately after that shot and use it only when needed.


Thanks for this review. Oh how I was wrong! This should solve the AF problems! Have you had the opportunity to use the adaptor with any of the recent Sigma A mount lenses?

Sony NEX-6 - Tipps und Tricks

Hi Sam, I am glad that I could help Hello Philip, thank you for your review article. I have a few Minolta lenses from the 90s, the black ones. One of them is a minolta AF50 1. They are good lenses and i would like to use them with my Sony A However, i am a videographer, and i wanted to know if there is autofocus while filming and manual aperture control and shutter speed while using autofocus if I purchased this rather expensive adapter.

Thank you. Great photos on your site! How important do you think the lack of in body stabilisation is using the la-ea4 compared to an alpha SLT body coming form someone with an a55? Thinking of purchasing the combination, but have doubts. You will certainly notice the difference sometimes but more often than not it won t be a problem.

The lens aperture is kept full open for composing and metering. With the LA-EA4 you can hear that the lens is stopped down and I felt that the shutter delay was longer than with native E-mount lenses, thats why I mentioned it. I need some help to decide what lens to buy; I have the a7r, I bought this adapter, for using my sony a55 lenses DT mount. My question is, will it be the same to buy this one full frame lens or buying anothe macro lens, not full frame, because they will crop the same?

Thank you for your review, it was quite informative and the lynx shots are great as are the others and Flickr too. This is slightly off-topic but in the image of the AF points at the top, is that sensor dust we are seeing? If so, do you clean your sensor frequently or have to do a lot of spot corrections in PP? I have an A7II and have already gathered more dust on sensor than ever before. Do you own a dust blower? Makes your life much easier.

Thanks for your reply, Phillip. I have a dust blower but it looks like there are some darker spots that may require extra cleaning. You can only focus where the adapter has AF sensors and those are all grouped around the center. I have a Nex7 and laea4 that I got for indoor soccer pics, along with an old minolta 90 1.

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