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In any case, a reasonable investment strategy cannot be elaborated without knowing in detail what is happening around us. This course aims to provide guidelines so that students can handle economic information and extract the necessary conclusions for the analysis necessary for their company.

This module aims to give a vision of the importance of Logistics during the development of the economic activity of any company in an international environment. Currently, logistics has become one of the basic pillars of any organization so it is necessary to know the role it plays in International Trade and its relationship with the international transport of goods.

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In order to do so, it will be necessary to deal with various issues such as its definition, the network that forms it, the importance of Incoterms as well as the role of transport as a link in the logistics chain. It is important to bear in mind the two phases that compose it: the static one that includes the physical protection and the legal-economic protection of the goods and the dynamic one that includes the technical, commercial and documentary aspects of the means of transport.

The course focuses on the development of different financing systems for industrial and infrastructure projects, depending on whether they are structured through direct investments of the promoters or simply through purchase and sale contracts, either supply or turnkey. In the first case the establishment of a vehicle company is normally required and the financing is received by this entity, while in the second case the exporter's objective is to offer medium- and long-term financing to the buyer of its product or project, as a fundamental tool for signing the contract.

The different types of financial products available to Spanish exporters and promoters, of bilateral, multilateral and commercial origin, will be developed in detail. This module will delve into the world of international recruitment. Particular attention will be paid to the training, development and implementation of contracts. The contract is the best legal vehicle for the circulation of wealth in the world, it is the one that offers legal certainty to the parties contracting in an international context. Esta materia integra, de alguna forma, todo el contenido fundamental de lo que supone un MBA, con el que nos preparamos para poder aceptar mayores retos en las organizaciones a las que nos disponemos a servir.

Esta materia tiene como objetivo ayudar al alumno a poner las bases para comenzar a desarrollar dichas habilidades y, en su caso, para ser capaz de corregir conscientemente aquellos comportamientos que le pueden resultar perjudiciales en el futuro. En definitiva, trata de ayudarle a desarrollar un estilo propio de comportamiento que le ayude a tomar y ejecutar decisiones que le faciliten la labor de dirigir personas en el entorno organizativo. Quiero que me llamen. URL visible. Course Id visible. Knowledge of the fundamentals of international trade.

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Ability to analyse and study business opportunities in the market. Application of marketing techniques. Openness and consolidation in international markets. Management of strategic internationalization plans. Study and development of foreign markets. Import and export operations. This course aims to acquaint the participant with the most important aspects related to taxes on goods that are traded internationally: what are these taxes. Business plan: In the End of Master Project you can rely on teachers and experts from different disciplines in the international field for advice and supervision of the final work.

Internship programme : With our internship programme you will be able to complete your training in companies in the European Union. International Taxation International Taxation.

Business Strategies Business Strategies. The course focuses on the description and development of international financial markets and the instruments available to companies to finance and mitigate risks associated with their international operations.


Globalization and Internationalization make it necessary for companies to take into account how the evolution of financial markets may affect them. It also develops the main financial products and instruments that support risk management and the financing of exports and investments in the short term. International Contracts International Contracts. Skills for international business Skills for international business.

The purpose of this course is to improve the negotiating skills of all those people who in their professional activity deal with customers, suppliers, distributors, partners, etc. The necessary strategies and techniques are provided to negotiate effectively in an international context and for this purpose the following issues, among others, are dealt with:. Si tienes alguna duda Google Calendar Yahoo!

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