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Motivated employees promote teamwork and camaraderie. I really enjoyed this article. I liked how happiness was included as a motivating factor. I have watched my dad go to work every day my entire life and hate every minute of it.

Employee Productivity: 7 Super Tricks to Motivate Your Team | Management

It has always been instilled in me that you go to work to work, not to have fun. I have always had a hard time accepting that. It is good to see that there is a shift in workplace cultures to help create a happy environment where employees want to be. As mentioned in the article, happiness fuels success, not the other way around. Thanks for sharing this Christy. I think you definitely nailed it — our attitudes towards work are in part generational, as your story illustrates.

We have just started an employee recognition program. So much information here. I love that companies are finally seeing that being happy every day work is life changing. Even the littlest bit of motivation makes employees get up and look forward to the work day. We often hold competitions and events for them to show off their sales skills. Of course now I will have to make them a belt. Thank you for the kind words, Rebecca! Post a picture of the belt when you make it! Great article, Jeff! Love that idea! And the simple act of high-fiving someone.

Ummm, yes, we need more of those in my office!

On it!! I really enjoyed your article Jeff!

I think companies focus on the happiness of the customer, and often times forget about the happiness of the employees as well. Thank you very much, Michelle! Really great article! Great article to show employee retention strategies and moral boosters. I learned a ton!

1. Share your vision and set clear goals

Much appreciated! I made my thesis on how employee motivation works in startups. This is an amazing article. Light and accurate. Way to go! Thank you, glad to hear it, Giulianna! Is your thesis available online? This is a great article it touches on many good topics. Specially happiness and incentives for employees. Recognition and perks other than compensation are always great to help boost employee and company morale — this is a great article.

Thanks, Rachel! Interesting read! For a morale boost and funny joke to lighten up the office — we have a Gif Belt. Whoever consistently posts amazing and perfect. That is hilarious, so glad you shared that idea with us. Sounds like you work at an awesome office!

Steve Jobs Leadership Skills Breakdown - How To Motivate People

Super helpful guide to no only getting the best work out of your employees, but ensuring that they feel appreciated as well! A must read for all managers. Excellent read! I shared this out to some of our team and we are going to discuss some positive changes we can make to get our team more motivated.

Thanks for this Jeff! Understanding, recognition, and trust boost their confidence in doing what they are most capable of. By giving them the motivation they need, they become dedicated to finding ways on how to work effectively as a team. I enjoyed reading this article. This is a great article with great advice absolutely, but what happened to self motivation and pride in an individuals work? From a young age I always had a job and I always showed up for work in a timely fashion and gave my complete effort to the task at hand, no matter how I felt about it.

I have always had a competitive perspective at any job I have ever had. Phase one, procure job, phase two work behind off to secure job of person ahead of me. Pride, reality, and competitive spirit have gone out the door. I find it extremely difficult to coddle and finesse employees to complete simple obvious tasks and then after they do finally complete them, they some how deserve the world.

I find myself constantly trying to understand the differences in the workplace now as opposed to when I began in my chosen profession. The dilemma that I find I struggle with is that I have always taken pride in any task I have been given and always done it to the fullest of my capabilities whereas now, I have to motivate someone to complete a simple task and then reward them for doing so? I email inspirational quotes to my team. I arrive before my team and I spend a few minutes searching inspirational quotes that are relevant to current office events.

The team looks forward to the quotes each morning and I enjoy searching for the perfect quote relevant to the current office circumstances. Win Win! I enjoyed a lot. Thanks for the information. We are coming out of a trying turn around and morale is low and I need all the great ideas out there to start perking up my team and moving see and believe in us and the great company we are!! Jeff, this article is downright lovely! With just a little bit of effort, time, and positivity, you can accomplish such motivation. What a great message to send out.

Keep it coming! This will surely help people to stay motivated towards their goals. Very good content shared, very helpful and reliable. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work.

8 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Very much appreciated. The information is very well presented and I will try to work on this. I have some employees which are really very bad and not much of team players. Although I do not say that I am also perfect, but yeah I will try to improve on the things which you have mentioned. Thanks for the information, I have bookmarked it so that i can refer to things. Thank you for this article. I just moved into a supervisor role after the previous supervisor moved to a different location. So, I am in charge of people whom I had no role in hiring. Thanks, Karen!

Keep it up! Celebrating what has been achieved by individual or staff as a team is very critical in motivating employees. This goes hand in hand with recognition of the best performers in an organization.

10 Ways To Motivate Your Team

When I started reading this article, I could relate and imagine myself from the very first line. I was a top performer in my last organization when I joined them. We used to be rewarded in terms of money for performing good and archiving target.