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Even though the UK is scheduled to leave the EU in March , the UK government's stated position to keep daylight savings time could lead to yet another Brexit headache along the Irish border. If Ireland were to follow its EU counterparts, it would lead to a time difference being created across the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic during one half of the year.

Proponents of daylight savings time say the longer evening daylight hours in the summer help save energy and bolster productivity. However, Hofer said that energy savings had been minimal and that the twice-yearly change also has negative health impacts. Other Services. Abolishing EU daylight saving time unrealistic for now 4. Abolishing EU daylight saving time unrealistic for now.

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Keywords daylight savings daylight savings time savings time time. When the clock gives back that hour of sleep the risk of heart attack decreases by 21 percent. The limited study looked at hospital admission data in Michigan over a four-year period. The most notable changes are in those who regularly do not get enough sleep.

People who are sleep-deprived might struggle with memory, learning, social interactions and overall cognitive performance. The nonprofit Better Sleep Council suggests going to bed at least 15 minutes earlier than your set bedtime days before the time change.


But not in Arizona, where sunlight only extends the heat-related misery. The Energy Policy Act of put an end to that, leaving Arizona as the only two-timing state, so to speak.

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Though spread over five time zones, China recognizes only one, Beijing time. It is supposed to promote unity, but for those who live in the far west, the summer sun sets as late as midnight. Republicans and Democrats were united in their rejection of such a proposal.

Daylight Saving Time – DST – Summer Time

March Daylight saving time is almost here — and it's turning years old. No one is sure just how much daylight is saved, globally, each year, though physics indicates none.

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Some of the public comments are practical appeals. Others issued blunt emotional appeals.

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    Daylight saving facts

    In fact, sometimes DST seems to increase energy use. For example, in Indiana, where DST was implemented statewide in , researchers saw that people used less electricity for light, but those gains were canceled out by people who used more air-conditioning during the early evenings. That's because 6 p. DST also increases gasoline consumption, something Downing says the petroleum industry has known since the s. This is probably because evening activities — and the vehicle use they require — increase with that extra daylight.

    Changing the clocks also causes air-travel synchronization headaches, which sometimes leads to travel delays and lost revenue, airlines have reportedly said.

    Extend Daylight Saving Time All Year

    There are also health issues associated with changing the clocks. Similar to the way jet lag makes you feel out of whack, daylight-saving time is like scooting one time zone over. This can disrupt our sleep, metabolism, mood, stress levels, and other bodily rhythms. One study suggests recovery can take three weeks. In the days after DST starts or ends, researchers have observed a spike in heart attacks , increased numbers of work injuries , more automobile crashes , and higher suicide rates. Here's a bright idea: Dump DST.

    Daylight saving time, facts and information

    Wikimedia Commons. Despite those early studies about energy use, one analysis from did find a small amount of energy savings after we extended DST by four weeks in According to the Christian Science Monitor :. That's a tiny number. More evening light also inspires people to go out and spend money. In extremely northern or southern latitudes, DST can also map sunrise and sunset times onto more typical waking and working hours. Extending daylight-saving time to November might also help the Halloween industry; the longer kids can trick or treat, the more candy you need to buy.

    Plus, changing the law can be expensive. Where in the world daylight-saving time is used blue , abolished orange , and never instituted red. Other areas of the world have gotten rid of daylight-saving time, or never had it to begin with. The map above shows the breakdown.