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Extract from World Council of Churches statement on Vietnam. For a world free of nuclear weapons, CICD. Australian Peace Congress program, Australian Convention on Peace and War, Fabian Society of Queensland. October, student caucus of the Communist League, May 16, The Western Socialist, January The Western Socialist, February Socialist Standard, Socialism or chaos, No , March The Western Socialist, June The Western Socialist, April The Western Socialist, Vol 14, No , may Socialist Party of Australia, The Western Socialist, Vol 24, No , Socialist Party of Australia, Melbourne, April 30, Socialist Party of Australia, Sydney, March 19, The Western Socialist, No 5, Trotskyism, Communists, the Labor Party and socialism, J.

Dawson, Workers Literature Bureau, c The socialist left in Australia, Alan Barcan, Art and its social function, Paul Mortier, Why I am a communist, Katharine Susannah Prichard, Farmers and workers together for a better life. Agrarian program of the Communist Party of Australia, 18th congress, April Robbing your pay envelope, R. Dixon, Communist Party of Australia, November Education in crisis and the way forward, W.

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Gollan, August Reveal, Defenders of Human Rights Association. Guardian, January 21, Blake, Communist Review, June Guardian, May 13, Guardian, June 10, Tribune, March 22, Guardian, February 10, Guardian, May 5, Tribune, April 29, Tribune, May 3, Guardian, March 4, Guardian, April 1, Guardian, April 11, Guardian, June 4, Guardian, October 21, Guardian, July 9, Defend our unions. Say no to Joh. International Labor Defence fights the Crimes Act, c Support Queensland struggle.

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Defend the right to march, Movement Against Uranium Mining, c Words and spirit: what sort of constitution do we want? Why was Tim Anderson persecuted? George Petersen, Socialist Press, July Union organiser arrested. Leaflet, The Boomerang, August 18, transcript. Tocsin, platform, October 2, Tocsin, transcript. Labor Call, November 1, The Champion, transcript. The new party, The Socialist , April 2, , transcript. CPA, Jewish meeting and Marxist study classes. The Australian author and artist, Vol 1, No 1, January Fellowship of Australian writers constitution.

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Proletaria, poetry. New Willis play at New Theatre. Jindyworobak, towards an Australian culture, Kenneth H. Gifford, Unknown land, Rex Ingamells, Jindyworobak Origin and development of Jindyworobak, Rex Ingamells. We defend Frank Hardy,. Why is Frank Hardy branded guilty before trial. Frank Hardy Defence Committee, November 14, Australian culture, Vance Palmer, December 11, Australian authors week, Fellowship of Australian Writers. Adelaide Literary Theatre, Fourth annual drama night, May 15, Words of songs: Reedy River and The Ballad of Wanted: a national theatre, Bruce Rothwell.

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Queensland memories, street poetry. Australian Left News, December Communists are always young, Katharine Susannah Prichard, How Labor governs, Vere Gordon Childe, The realisms of war, Bernard Smith, Noel Counihan, artist and revolutionary, Years of hope, Bernard Smith, Noel Counihan, artist and revolutionary, Epilogue, Bernard Smith, Noel Counihan, artist and revolutionary, Fanfrolico and After, Jack Lindsay, A note on my dialectic, Jack Lindsay.

Selections from Reedy River, record cover. Excerpts from Reedy River, exerpts from the Sydney production. The alienated Australian intellectual, Jack Lindsay, Towards a Marxist aesthetic, Decay and renewal, Jack Lindsay.

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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, M. Barnard Eldershaw, The writer and society, M. Barnard Eldershaw. Liberty and violence, M. Wild cat falling, Colin Johnson, The dawn is at hand, Kath Walker, We are going, Kath Walker, Uses of the many-charactered novel, Christina Stead. Travels in North Queensland, Jean Devanny, Long live Sandawara, Colin Johnson, Radical intellectuals, an unacknowledged legislature?

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Come in, spinner, Dymphna Cusack and Florence James, The battlers, Kylie Tennant, The timeless land, Eleanor Dark, The devious being, Betty Roland, Political economy of Australian capitalism, Introduction, E. Primary accumulation: the genesis of Australian capitalism, Ken Buckley. Socialism and reform in contemporary Australia, Bob Catley. The loans affair, Darryl Foster.

Anti-trust and the bourgeoisie, Andrew Hopkins. Queensland nationalism and Australian capitalism, Glen Lewis. Capitalism, the middle classes and the welfare state, Sol Encel. Towards a political economy of housing, Colin Bell. Shoot the Bolshevik! Humphrey McQueen. Australia, victim or partner of British imperialism, David Clark. Australian immigrants , desired and unwanted, Marie de Lepervanche. The political economy of post-war immigration, John Collins.

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The bastards from the bush: some comments on class and culture, Ian Turner. Elitism in education and the radical initiative, Helen G. Essays in the political economy of Australian capitalism, E. Crisis in pastoral capital accumulation: a reinterpretation of the s depression in colonial Australia, Phillip McMichael. The abolition of the Queensland labour trade: politics or profits, A.

Working conditions of young entrants to the labour market

A Graves. Holiday in Nurrangar, Campaign Against Militarisation.

Where to now for anti-war activists? The Socialist , March 15, Network for Peace in the Middle East, February 23, Rainbow Alliance, Gulf war update, Rainbow Alliance, appeal for funds, December 14, A new political movement is launched, Joseph Camilleri, Socialist Action-International Socialists joint fusion statement, The Rainbow Alliance, reshaping the political agenda, Belinda Probert, Rainbow Alliance conference brochure.

Rainbow Alliance, invitation to a public launch, February Rainbow Alliance, October Movement Against Uranium Mining.

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Keep Victoria nuclear-free, Australian Labor Party. Lawson, lost and found, Barry Plews.

Bring down the Labor government. Broad Left conference, Bulletin No 2, March Broad Left conference panel speakers. Broad Left conference, March , leaflet. The root of the matter, dialogues on social questions, Henry Hyde Champion, The world of the living dead and jail from within , Vance Marshall, reprint, first published Is there room for us all under the umbrella? Differences between radical feminists and women socialists, Judy Gillett.

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The Dawn Club, July 1, Birth control, Norman Haire, Medical ethics, Norman Haire, Sex problems of today, Why should I, a woman, vote? The Dawn, January 6, United Associations of Women, April 7, United Associations of Women, October 21, Victorian Education Department circular on sex hygiene, Parliament for women, Vida Goldstein election leaflet. Some aspects of contemporary art in Australia, The Fascist mentality in Australian art and criticism, Another festival of Soviet films.

Famous Soviet film, Mother, at New Theatre.